Attention! The company "Ukrainian Immigration Service" currently does not provide services outside of the city of Nikolaev and Nikolaev district. We can assist you in the case when you wish to stay or live in Nikolaev region or have a relationship with someone from here, or you are in Nikolaev already. The agency does not provide any free legal advise via phone or e-mail as well. You may try to get free information from State Migration Service of Ukraine.

About us is an agency that was founded in Nikolaev in 2012. It specialised to provide a legal services, information and consulting services regarding the immigration problems and the sphere of international business and investment. During his time was formed a team mvs logoof lawyers focused on achieving results in any legal matter. Thanks to the experience and the successful implementation of projects, the company significantly expanded range of services. Was developed by an ideology created a thorough resource base. All this allowed to occupy its own niche in the market of legal services. The Private Company "Ukrainian Immigration Service" has become a reliable legal consultant for small and medium business in Ukraine, which confirmed the confidence of patrons.

Our goal - to achieve a desired result for the client by providing quality legal assistance. Therefore, the agency "Evropa" is constantly evolving, as evidenced by the following facts:

  1. upgrading the skills of lawyers;minjust
  2. the introduction of methods of interactive / remote communication with lawyers and stuff.

The areas of specialization include the following:

  1. the corporate relationship;mfa
  2. a license, permit, certification;
  3. migration law;

In addition, the company "Evropa" introduces new services in response to recent trends in law-making and customer requests.

As a significant advantage our customers say multilateralism and the principle of "turnkey". This is achieved through coordinated work of several divisions, each responsible for a certain direction.

The company "Evropa" has been active in the legal position, taking part in specialized roundtables, seminars and briefings.

The legal system and officialdom of all states are the difficult system, and not clear average people. More over, for foreigners it is especially difficult to understand such system. As a result of lack of information about this system, many waste the precious time and money trying to solve important problems. And frequently cannot solve the problems without assistance. This situation may become a serious obstacle for work in such countries.
For the solution of these problems, in our team works experts from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Thus, our experts may render the qualitative and operative services connected with migration of foreign citizens, and other legal issues.

If you will use our help:

  • You receive qualitative consultation on a matter interesting to you.
  • You receive a prepared package of documents for supplying to Immigration Service.
  • And as a result – you will solve any problem concerning entrance or stay in Ukraine you or your guests.
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