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Work permit in Ukraine

work permit

Work permit for aliens - a document giving the employer the right to temporarily employ a foreigner on a particular workplace or a certain position.

A work permit issued by the State of an alien employment center, in the absence of the country (region) of workers that can produce relevant work, or whether sufficient grounds exist for the feasibility of using the labor of an alien.

A work permit in Ukraine is valid for one year. This period may be extended, for which the employer is drawn to the appropriate Employment Center no later than one month before the expiration of the authorization. After the expiration of work permit is returned by the employer under employment center.

During consideration of applications for work permits a foreigner and its extension to the employer corrects remit four minimum wages.

The decision to grant a work permit or a denial of it is taken not later than 30 days from the filing of all required documents to the State Employment Center.

Basic requirements for the employer:
-payer insurance contributions to the Fund of obligatory public social insurance of Ukraine against unemployment;
-the absence of debt to the Fund of obligatory public social insurance of Ukraine against unemployment;
-the absence of tax arrears, charges (obligatory payments).
Basic requirements for an alien:
-documented the presence of higher education or the necessary qualifications;
-lack of criminal record;

A work permit is not required:
-foreign nationals who obtained a residence permit in Ukraine;
-foreign nationals who are granted refugee status or those who have applied for refugee status (the Law of Ukraine "On Refugees");
-foreign nationals employed by the investor within and on the positions (professions), a specific agreement on the distribution of goods (Art. 35 of the Law of Ukraine "On agreements about the distribution of products");
-individuals who are defined by legislation, have acquired the status of a business entity;
-foreign mission personnel subjects of economic activity in Ukraine, registered in the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, and which, in accordance with Annex 2 to the "Regulations on the registration of representative offices of foreign economic activity entities of Ukraine", are service cards issued by the Department of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Ukraine's economy.

-Some specifics of issuing permits for intra-corporate transferees is provided - employees of foreign companies from the States.
-Members of the International Trade Organization, which is temporarily transferred to Ukraine to provide services to Ukrainian companies. For intra-corporate transferees permit is issued for up to 3 years.
-A work permit is the basis for issuing a visa to a foreign citizen to enter the country such as IM - 1 (in mashinopisnoschityvaemoy Zone - VA).
-In the event the employment of foreigners without permission from the State Employment Service of Ukraine to entrepreneurs, institutions and organizations irrespective of their ownership public employment service levy a fine for each person in a twenty-fold the minimum wage.

Company Justicon "is ready to promptly and professionally to provide the range of legal services for obtaining work permits for foreigners.

Our services include the following:

Preparation of applications for work permits;
training to justify the employment of the foreigner;
Preparation of a draft employment agreement (contract);
Preparation of information that a job or position which will employ the alien, not related to the citizenship of Ukraine and does not require the provision of access to state secrets;
filing the necessary documents to the State Employment Center;
represent the interests of the employer and the alien to the Commission;
permit employment;


According to the article 8 of the Law of Ukraine «On legal status of foreigners», the enterprises irrespective of type of property can use labor of foreign workers only at presence of work permissions if other is not provided by the international treaties of Ukraine.
The permission is issued by regional Centre of Employment for one year, but it can be prolonged. The general maximum term of work is 4 years. The petition on work permit prolongation should be brought 30 days prior to its expiry. The procedure of request for issuance and prolongation of work permission are identical. The work permit is issued within 30 working days after supplying of all necessary documents. The mentioned term is general, it depends on budgetary payments and salary payments, and also from charges to the Centre of Employment and reports on vacancies.
The following documents are required to get work permit:

  1. The application of the employer;
  2. Explanation of the employer of necessity to use the labor of the foreigner;
  3. 2 color photos 3,5х4,5;
  4. The power of attorney on the person authorized by the employer to represent its interests in the Centre of Employment;
  5. The original of the certificate from State Tax Administration about absence of debts of the enterprise, about payment of certain taxes and tax collections (issued in regional department of Tax Administration);
  6. The certificate confirming that the employer has no debts before the State’s Employment Fund (issued in the regional Centre of Employment);
  7. The paid receipt for services of the Employment Centre (4 minimum salaries);
  8. The draught copy of the contract of the employer with the employee (the foreign citizen);
  9. The inquiry from the employer, confirming that a post of the foreigner does not demand the admission to "classified information" or the Ukrainian citizenship;
  10. The certificate of criminal record clearance of the foreigner in Ukraine;
  11. The copy of the Charter of the enterprise confirmed notarially;
  12. The original of an extract from the General State Register from an enterprise place’s of registration (the extract can be received in local department of State Administration);
  13. Copies of education documents of the foreigner, translated into the Ukrainian language in a bureau of translations and confirmed notarially;
  14. Copy of the passport of the foreigner (translation of 1st page of the passport into the Ukrainian language, certified by a bureau of translations).

For the help in preparation of documents and issuance of work permit in Ukraine, you can address to our company and we with pleasure will give all necessary aid.

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