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Registration of companies with foreign participation

In accordance with the provisions of Economic code of Ukraine the limited liability company is an economic company, which has charter fund, divided into shares determined by constituent documents. The LLC bears responsibility on the obligations only by its property.

The company (LTD.) limited liability is one of the most widespread legal forms of collective enterprise. The name of this type of company and his prevalence are conditioned mostly by that a company answers before creditors only by the property, and, the participants of company carry the risk of losses, related to activity of company, only within the limits of cost of holding, that is undeniable advantage of this legal form.

Founders and participants of company can be both physical and legal persons, the maximal amount of participants can arrive at 10 persons.

In the company limited liability it is necessary to create the capital of regulations, which can be formed by both property and monetary resources and to the moment of registration must be formed no less by what on 50%. A size of the chartered capital can not be less sum equivalent  to one salary, to operating in the moment of creation of company.

The higher organ of management of the company limited liability is common collection of participants. For realization of current management from a number founders or from a number the third parties an executive branch is formed collective (management) or individual (director). Control above activity of director (managements) of company is carried out by a checkup committee.

   -  Registration of юр person is possible without arrival of founder of -иностранца (non-resident) to Ukraine. But in this case his trusted person at which a notarial warrant must be about the grant of plenary powers to the trusted person of founder will operate on behalf of founder, a right for передоверия must be foreseen necessarily.

Specialists of company "ЮСТИКОН" operatively and professionally will give to you the complex of services in registration, which plugs in itself:
-Free consultation on questions of registration;
-Preparation of complete set of constituent documents;
-Registration of LTD. in state Administrations and receipt of testifying to state registration;
-Receipt of certificate of Госкомстата about bringing in the Single state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine (ЕГРПОУ);
-Raising on the fiscal accounting and receipt of testifying to raising on an account in a tax organ (4-опп);
-Raising on an account in the funds of social security (Pension fund, Fund of social security from the temporal loss of capacity, Fund of social security from industrial accidents and professional diseases, Fund of obligatory state social security in case of unemployment);
-Receipt of permission on making, and also making of printing;

   -  In obedience to ГК of Ukraine, a person can be a participant only one company which has one founder limited liability.
   -  Pursuant to Law of Ukraine «About immigration» - the term of consideration of statement about granting permission on immigration can not exceed one year from the day of his serve.
   -  After the receipt of permanent residential permit during 10 calendar days it is necessary  to register (to prescribe) a foreigner in an apartment (in ЖЕК) and put a stamp about registration in the certification of residential permit.

Additional services:
   •    Grant of legal address in any district Kyiv;

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