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Invitation to Ukraine

According to Rules of entrance of foreigners to Ukraine, amendedby the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №1074 from 12/29/1995 (with changes), entrance to Ukraine of foreign citizens is possible on the basis of the issued visa.
According to rules of issuance visas for entrance to Ukraine, amended by  Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №567 from 6/1/2011 (with changes), the basis for issuance of entry visa is the invitation of the receiving party, issued by territorial authority or department of the State immigration service.
The order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine №524 from 10/8/2008 established the Rules of registration and delivery of invitations by foreigners for entrance to Ukraine.
Experts of our consulting portal will help You to understand the rules of law, specified above, and facilitate the issuance of invitations for entrance of the foreigner to Ukraine. We will also prepare a necessary package of documents for issuance of invitations and will provide its issuance by territorial department of the State immigration service.

We provide the following services:
1. Consultations concerning issuance of the invitation for entrance to Ukraine;
2. Preparation of the application and a full package of the documents necessary for issuance of the invitation for entrance to Ukraine;
3. Payment of the state taxes and other official payments;
4. Representation of interests of the client at supplying of a necessary package of documents to the department of migratory service;

The following documents are required for issuance of the invitation:

  1. The application form.
  2. Certified copies and translation of the passport of the foreigner guest.
  3. For private persons – the certified copies of passport of the inviting party (with page about residence registration).
  4. For legal bodies – the application form of registration of the enterprise in Immigration service.
  5. The certified copy of the passport of the director who has signed the invitation.
  6. The document, confirming presence of the place of residence of the foreigner in Ukraine:

a) booking confirmation of a hotel accommodation or
b) the statement of the proprietor of the apartment, assured notarially.

You can collect these documents by your self or address to us for the help, and we will prepare a necessary package of documents and we will provide the issuance of the invitation at the shortest terms.

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