Attention! The company "Ukrainian Immigration Service" currently does not provide services outside of the city of Nikolaev and Nikolaev district. We can assist you in the case when you wish to stay or live in Nikolaev region or have a relationship with someone from here, or you are in Nikolaev already. The agency does not provide any free legal advise via phone or e-mail as well. You may try to get free information from State Migration Service of Ukraine.

Extension of registration of enterprise to OVIR

If your company is registered in the regional offices of the Department of Citizenship, Immigration and Registration of individuals more than a year ago, and you intend to consult, negotiate, organize joint projects in Ukraine, with foreign partners, the service need you might be interested.

Necessary to issue an invitation for the visa type B (business visa)? In this case, primarily

Your company must renew the registration of the location. Registration is the passing of checks on the enterprise and supply a package of documents listed below, which is implemented for our company.

Registered company may submit an application (formal written applications) on the registration and issuance of invitations to foreigners and stateless persons in obtaining visa documents for entry into Ukraine and, accordingly, speak the host country.

The company "Yustikon is able to provide a set of legal services for obtaining permission for registration of companies in OVIR

Our services include the following: 
advice on putting on record; 
preparation of necessary documents; 
payment services Visa and Registration Department; 
filing the necessary documents to the bodies of Visa and Registration Department; 
a card account of a business entity in the bodies of Visa and Registration Department;

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