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Registration of foreign investments

Foreign investments- value, which is invested by foreign investors into objects of investment activity for profit or achieving social effect (Law of Ukraine "On Foreign Investment").

Foreign investments and investments of Ukrainian partners, including contributions to the statutory fund of enterprises, estimated by agreement of the parties, the Ukrainian currency or foreign currency conversion on the basis of market prices in Ukraine or international markets.

Transfer of investment amounts in foreign currency into the currency of Ukraine is carried out according to the official exchange rate in Ukraine established by the NBU.

For individual SPD who carry out projects involving foreign investment, which are implemented on the basis of state programs of the highest priority areas of economic, social and territories may be established preferential treatment of investment, or any other hozdeyatelnosti.

Government of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol and Kyiv local state administration carried out the state registration of foreign investments.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Foreign Investment" State registration of foreign investments is carried out in the relevant bodies registered for 3 RD Foreign investments, which were not registered did not give the right to security and benefits provided by law.

Company Justicon "provides a set of legal services for the registration of foreign investments.

Our services include the following:
advice on registration of foreign investment;
Preparation of documents for submission to the relevant authorities;
submission of documents to the appropriate authorities;
receiving the information notice KMGA with marks.

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