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Legalization of non-residents in Ukraine

Pursuant to By the constitution of Ukraine foreigners, and also persons without citizenship, which are in Ukraine on legal grounds, use the same rights and freedoms and execute the same promises, what citizens of Ukraine, if another is not foreseen by Constitution, laws or international contracts of Ukraine.

Right and duties:
In Law of Ukraine " About legal status of foreigners and persons without citizenship " it is indicated that foreigners can in accordance with established procedure immigrate to Ukraine with the purpose of permanent residence (for an entrance to Ukraine the visa of IM is designed - 2) or for employment on a certain term (visa of IM - 1), and also temporally to be on her territory (other types of visas).

Foreigners, immigrating to Ukraine with the purpose of permanent residence or for temporal employment, get kinds accordingly on permanent or temporal inhabitation.
Foreigners being on territory of Ukraine on other legal ground are considered temporally being in Ukraine. They are under an obligation in set Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine order, to register the national passports or documents, their replacing, and to drive out from Ukraine during the certain to them term of stay.

Foreigners and persons without citizenship, which committed crime on territory of Ukraine, administrative or other offence, bear the responsibility on general grounds with the citizens of Ukraine.

For violation by foreign citizens and persons without citizenship of the foreseen order of stay in Ukraine, id est residence without documents on a right for a residence or residence on invalid documents, failure to observe of the set order of registration or movement and choice of residence, employments, avoiding departure after expiration of certain to them term of stay, and also for a failure to observe of rules of the transit driving through territory of Ukraine to them can be applied   as an administrative disciplinary of warning measure or fine.

In the cases when grounds for the further stay of foreign citizen in Ukraine or foreigner fell off violates a legislation about the legal  provision of foreign citizens in Ukraine, the term of stay can be brief.

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