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Issuance of passport for traveling abroad

passportThe passport of the citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad (international passport) - the document which proves the identity and confirms citizenship of Ukraine of its owner, and grants the right to cross the border of Ukraine.
Depending on the place of residence of the citizen of Ukraine, issuance of the international passport is done by territorial departments and subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or diplomatic missions and consular departments of Ukraine.
For international passport may apply the citizens of Ukraine who has reached of 18-year-old age, in exceptional cases — before this age.
The documents required for international passport are listed in article 10 of Rules of issuance of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad and the travel document of the child, their temporal detention and the confiscation, amended by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministry at 3/31/1995. №231 (with changes), and also in article 4 of the Decree on proceedings of the application for issuance of passports of the citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad and travel documents of the child amended by the decree of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of 12/21/2004. № 1603.

Following documents are required for issuance of international passport:

  1. The application form.
  2. The passport of the citizen of Ukraine, the original and copy 1, 2 pages + a residence permit.
  3. Identification number (original an copy).
  4. For citizens of Ukraine in aged 18-25 years - the document from the office of military service or military identity card (original an copy).
  5. Paid state tax bills for services of the Immigration service.

The terms of issuance of  the international passport:

  • 25-30 days - are standard
  • 10 days - are accelerated
  • 1 3 days - individually

Additional documents are required to issue international passport for permanent residence abroad:

  1. For children under 18 – the copy of the birth certificate;
  2. The certificate of the tax payment or about absence of tax obligations;
  3. If one of the parent remains with the child in Ukraine - notarially certified statement of the parent (or the person its replacing) which remains in Ukraine with the child, about absence of alimony requirements to the other parent or the certified copy of the decision of the state executor that the alimony is paid in the full size. In case of death of the parent, the copy of death certificate.
  4. If one of the parent lives Ukraine for permanent residence abroad together with the child - notarially certified statement of the parent which remains in Ukraine, about absence of not settled alimony obligations;
  5. Acknowledgement of termination of the residence registration (a stamp in the passport);
  6. Notarially certified consent of minor children (at the age from 14 till 18 years) about departure on the permanent residence in other country.

After submission of necessary package of documents, the international passport may be received not only in territory of Ukraine. Abroad the applicant submits documents for the international passport to diplomatic missions or consular departments of Ukraine. Number of these documents concern:

  1. The application form amended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  2. The documents confirming citizenship of Ukraine;
  3. The birth certificate;
  4. The document confirming constant residing abroad;
  5. Copy of the certificate on assignment of identification tax number (except persons who on religious or other belief have refused to accept an identification tax number and have a corresponding mark in the passport);
  6. Two photos 3,5х4,5 sm;
  7. The receipt on payment of consular fees.

In case of loss of international passport abroad, the certificate of authorized body of the state in addition is represented. In case of cage of name or a surname the document which confirms this fact is represented. For the people, who travel abroad frequently, it is recommended to have the second international passport.

Our agency also facilitates:

  • Addition of children into the passport;
  • Issuance of travel document of the child;
  • Issuance of the second international passport.
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