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Receipt of permanent residence permit

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine In Law of Ukraine " About legal status of foreigners " it is indicated that foreigners can in accordance with established procedure to immigrate to Ukraine on a permanent residence (for an entrance to Ukraine the visa of IM is designed - 2) or for employment on a certain term (visa of IM - 1).

For taking title to immigrate to Ukraine on a permanent residence, it is necessary to get permission on immigration.

On immigration granted permission scope quotas of immigration, what is set by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the certain to them order on the categories of immigrants, or out of quota of immigration for the certain categories of immigrants.

Permission on immigration gets within the limits of quota of immigration to the next categories of immigrants:
   1) figures of science and culture, immigration of which answers interests of Ukraine;
   2) highly skilled specialists and worker, a sharp requirement in which is perceptible for an economy Ukraine;
   3) persons, which carried out a foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine by foreign convertible currency on a sum no less than the 100 (one hundred) thousand dollars of the USA, registered in the order, certain Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
   4) persons, which are a полнородным brother or sister, grandfather or baba, grandchild or grandchild of citizens of Ukraine;
   5) persons which before consisted in citizenship of Ukraine;
   6) parents, man (wife) of immigrant and his minor children;
   7) persons which continuously lived on territory of Ukraine the flow of three years from the day of grant to them status of refugees in Ukraine or refuge in Ukraine, and also their parents, men (wives) and minor children which live together with them.

On immigration out of quota of immigration granted permission:

   1), if the second from the married couples with which he is in a shortage over two years is one of the married couples the citizen of Ukraine, to the children or
parents of citizens of Ukraine;
   2) persons which are guardians or guardians of citizens of Ukraine, or are on a care or watching over the citizens of Ukraine;
   3) persons which have a right on acquiring of Ukraine citizenship on a territorial origin;
   4) persons immigration of which presents state interest for Ukraine;
   5) foreign Ukrainians, families of foreign Ukrainians, to their children in case of their general entrance and stay on territory of Ukraine.

Permission on immigration is confirmed by a certification on a residence.

To the person which constantly lives outside Ukraineand got permission on immigration, a diplomatic representative office or consular establishment of Ukraine on his appeal designs an immigration visa which operates for a year.

On arrival of immigrant to Ukraine he must appeal during five working days in the territorial separation of migratory service domiciliary with a statement about delivery to him certificates on a permanent residence. To the statement the copy of passport document of declarant with the immigration visa filled in him and copy of decision must be added about a grant to permission on immigration.

To the person which is on legal grounds in Ukraineand got permission on immigration, the territorial separation of migratory service gives out a certificate on a permanent residence within a week from the day of presentation of corresponding statement.

The following is included in our services:

-to consultation on questions of receipt of ПВНЖ;
-preparation of statement about a grant to permission on immigration;
-serve of necessary package of documents in the organs of migratory service;
-receipt of permission on immigration;
-preparation of statement about the grant of certificate on a residence;
-serve of necessary package of documents in the organs of migratory service;
-receipt of permanent certificate on a residence; 

   -   By law of Ukraine "About immigration" - the term of consideration of statement about a grant to permission on immigration can not exceed one year from the day of his serve.
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Additional services:
   •    registration of commission on behalf of foreign citizen on the employees of
our company - 250 hrn.s
   •    a search of address for registration (registrations):
             а) Kyiv обл. is 2400 hrn.s
             b) Kyiv is 3200 hrn.s
   •    registration of insurance policy, about the grant of urgent medicare are 500 hrn.s
   •    a receipt of certificate about absence of previous conviction is 300 hrn.s
   •    registration of investments - from a 3000 hrn.
   •    confirmation of citizenship - from a 3500 hrn.
   •    registration of registration (registrations) of foreigner is 400 hrn.s

Legislation on the topic:
   -   Law of Ukraine " About legal status of foreigners ";
Law of Ukraine -  " About immigration ";
   -   Decision КМУ №1074 " About Rules of entrance of foreigners and persons without citizenship to Ukraine of their departure from Ukraine and transit passage ";
   -   Decision of КМУ №1983 " About claim of Order of forming of quota of immigration, order of realization after statements about a grant to permission on immigration and ideas about his abolition and implementation made decision, order of registration and delivery of certification on a permanent residence ".


The order of receiving of permanent residence in Ukraine is regulated by the Law of Ukraine №2491-III «On immigration» of 6/7/2001. In it’s accordance, there are two groups of persons who may obtain the permit for immigration.
The first group – persons within immigration quota. The list of categories on the quota is specified in the article 4 of the mentioned Law. They are: art workers and sciences immigration of whom is within the state interest, the persons investing in economy of Ukraine not less of 100 thousand dollars and other. Among persons on a quota there are categories of the candidates, wishing to obtain the permit to permanent residence on the basis of available territorial or family relations. They are parents, the spouse of the immigrant and minor children; the brother, the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother, the grandson, the grand daughter of the citizen of Ukraine; persons who were earlier the Ukrainian citizens; refugees or the persons who have found refuge (after 3 years of residing); a victim of human traffic (after 3 years of an establishment of the status).
The second group – persons who can become immigrants besides a quota. They are:

  • Children and parents of the citizen of Ukraine;
  • The spouse of the citizen of Ukraine (in the presence of marriage more than 2 years);

The specified two bases are now the most widespread at reception of the status of the immigrant in Ukraine.

  • Persons who have the right to obtain the Ukrainian citizenship on a territorial origin (for details see article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On citizenship Ukraine”);
  • The trustee of the citizen of Ukraine;
  • The person who is under guardianship of the citizen of Ukraine;
  • The persons who’s immigration represents the state interest;
  • Foreign Ukrainians (and also their spouses and children at their joint entrance and residing to Ukraine).

The list of the bases for reception of the permission for permanent residence in the country, specified in article 4 of the Law of Ukraine «On immigration» is complete. Other bases (for example, real estate presence in territory of Ukraine) do not give the right to receive the status of the immigrant.
In the presence of one of the bases the person should address: in embassy or consulate of Ukraine (if the person is abroad) or local department on affairs of citizenship, immigration and registration of physical persons (in the place of residence in Ukraine).

The applicant for permanent residence permit should present the following documents:

  • 3 photos;
  • Copy of the document which proves the identity;
  • The document on the place of residence;
  • The document on structure of a family and copy of marriage certificate;
  • The health certificate on absence of chronic alcoholism, a narcotism, toxicomania, infectious diseases;
  • The document which confirms the basis for permission to immigration (for details see article 9 of the Law of Ukraine «On immigration»).

After satisfaction of the application, the person may request to issue certificate of permanent residence permit in Ukraine. The certificate should be issued within a week from the date of supplying the application (for details see article 11 of the Law of Ukraine «On immigration»). According to the Rules on issuance of the certificates on the right of permanent residence in Ukraine, amended by the decree of Ministry from 12/26/2002. № 1983, issuance of the certificates is performed by departments of citizenship, immigration and registration of physical persons of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
After reception of the certificate the person gets the status of the immigrant. Henceforth its position will differ considerably from position of the foreigner or the person without citizenship. The immigrant has the right to get a job without the permission on employment, it is no longer needed to receive the visa to enter to the country and permissions to stay in Ukraine.

We provide the following services:

1) consultations concerning reception of permanent residence permit for the foreigner;
2) preparation of the application for obtaining of permanent residence permit;
3) preparation of the petition for obtaining of permanent residence permit;
4) payment of the state taxes and other official fees;
5) representation of interests of the client at submission of a necessary package of documents to the department of Migratory Service;
6) representation of interests of the client at collection of certificate of permanent residence permit.

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