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Registration of enterprise in Immigration Service (OVIR)

reg-enerpise-ovirThis service is always interested in companies that have business partners abroad and intend to hold consultations and negotiations as well as joint projects in Ukraine. 

Necessary to issue an invitation for the visa type B (business visa)? In this case, first of all, your company must be registered with the regional offices of the Department of Citizenship, Immigration and Registration of individuals. Registration is the passing of checks on the enterprise and supply a package of documents listed below, which is implemented for our company. 

Registered company may submit an application (formal written applications) on the registration and issuance of invitations to foreigners and stateless persons in obtaining visa documents for entry into Ukraine and, accordingly, speak the host country.

The Decree of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine №524 of 10/8/2008 has adopted the Rules of issuance of invitations for foreigners for entrance to Ukraine. According to these rules, only registered in State Immigration Service of Ukraine, company can submit petitions (official written requests) for issuance of invitations for foreigners and persons without citizenship on reception of visa documents for entrance to Ukraine and, accordingly, to act as a receiving party.

The documents, required to register a company in Immigration Service:

  1. 3 samples of registration forms.
  2. The request from the enterprise.
  3. 3 photos of persons authorized to work with foreigners (3,5 х 4,5 matte).
  4. Notarially certified copy of the Extract from the General State Register of Legal Entities and Physical Persons of Businessmen.
  5. Notarially certified copy of enterprise registration certificate in State Administrations.
  6. Notarially certified copy of the Charter of the company.
  7. Notarially certified copy of the certificate of the General Information Centre of the Ministry of Statistics of Ukraine.
  8. The original of certificate from bank about presence of the account of the company.
  9. Notarially certified copy of the lease contract for the office premise. If the premise belongs to the company — a notarial copy of documents confirming the property right to a premise.
  10. Copy (certified by the company stamp) the order on appointment of persons authorized for reception and official registration of papers of foreign partners.
  11. Copy of the passport of the director (confirmed by the signature of the owner), if the head is the foreign citizen — a copy of the work permit, certified by the company stamp.
  12. Copy of the passport of the person authorized for work with foreigners (confirmed by the signature of the owner).
  13. The receipt on payment of fees for services of Immigration Service and state tax.

In case of registration of the company in Immigration Service through our agency, we guarantee qualitative operative gathering of a necessary package of documents and the timely answer from competent authorities.

The Ukrainian Immigration Service is able to provide range of legal services to obtain permission for registration of companies in the visa department.

Our services include the following:

  • advice on putting on record;
  • preparation of necessary documents;
  • payment services Visa and Registration Department;
  • filing the necessary documents to the bodies of Visa and Registration Department;
  • a card account of a business entity in the bodies of Visa and Registration Department;
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